The health problems that exist today are many, just some of them are nervous and psychic disorder's, hypertension, heart disease, ulcers, diabetes, and cancer. The western society has reported to a variety of synthetic drugs. Many of these drugs are given in the hope of providing immediate curse for diseases that have developed over many year. However, these synthetic drugs have not proven to be the complete answer.

Ginseng is a most highly prized medicinal plant used for many centuries for herbal and medicinal purposes.




To fight Stress and Fatigue

   Too much stress suppresses the immune system and therefore, lowers resistance to illness. High levels of stress also contributes to high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems, have been implicated in cancer, and is direct cause of digestive troubles, gastric ulcers, tiredness, insomnia, migraines, along with other diseases and illness.  

Effects of Ginseng on Sports performance 

   Ginseng enhances sports performance to over come strains and drain of exercise. Small protein material in ginseng are responsible for helping sugars and fat metabolism. Ginseng causes a more economical use of body energy and an extra storage of energy producing compounds in the liver. 

Effects of Ginseng on Aging

   Ginseng retards the degeneration of cells, promotes cellular proliferation, and improves general health problems related to aging thus delaying the aging thus delaying the aging processes.

Effects of Ginseng on Diabetes Mellitus

   The administration of ginseng to diabetic patients revealed that the blood glucose level of patients at the early stage of diabetic conditions returned to normal. 

Effect of Ginseng on Alcohol Detoxification

   Ginseng has long been recognised as effective in reducing alcohol intoxication. Ginseng significantly enhances blood alcohol clearance in humans. Ginseng certainly promoted the overall metabolism of alcohol and hereby enhanced the elimination of alcohol in the blood. 

Effects of Ginseng on the Liver

    The liver, most essential organs serves as nutrient distribution center and a factory with active enzyme systems. The incoming nutrients from the liver are distributed to other organ and tissues. thus regulating the liver metabolites in the blood. The detoxification of cigarette smoke, carcinogenic compounds, and other toxic chemical also takes place in the liver. The ginseng treatment increases the excretion of toxic chemical from the body. It also enhance the rate of liver regeneration and promotes recovery from impaired liver functions.

Effects of Ginseng on Sexual Function and Menopausal Symptoms

    Ginseng has been widely used in the treatment of impotence. some women entering the menopause years report rapid and dramatic improvement when they use ginseng. Women who experience sever cramps associated with menstruation take ginseng to ease their pains

Effects of Ginseng on Cancer:

   Ginseng is classified as an adaptogen which builds stamina and increases nonspecific resistance to various stresses of chemical and physical nature. Various research data strongly suggest the possibility of the clinical application of ginseng in the management of cancer-either ginseng alone or along with anti-cancer drugs.


  As a dietary supplement one(1) to two (2) per day

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