V r i k s h a   A y u r v e d a

                Herbal Treatment for Plants




Modern day technology has taken its roots from an age old culture called Vriksha Ayurveda which is thousands of years old. It was a continuation process done on earth using herbs, without the scientific know-how of today. The old texts reveal this treatment through herbals, which is unique and harmless but very beneficial for human, animals and plants.

As life depended on agriculture, utmost environmental cleanliness was taken care of. Every year, field and storage pest was controlled to the maximum extent.

This was a widespread technology that covered Greece, Egypt, India, China etc. Some of the best works done in Egypt is difficult to be produced today with all the modern day facilities available on hand. The rare herbs they combined together with each of their properties well studied, could restore 2000 years old dead human bodies without decay. 2000 years from now, it is difficult to forecast whether the modern technology would leave any trace of existence to recognise with.

It seems Vriksha Ayurveda touched new heights and produced wonders when they grew mango fruit on a banana plant. The microorganisms existed then but our ancestors worked on the basic 108 elements. According to them, there was no definition but the theory was with the addition of 2 or more elements, a new characteristic and action for the product was created.

The principle of Vriksha Ayurveda was to extract Plant origin concentrate from plants and feed to the deficient plant. The results were immediate, as the concentrate was 100% Plant nutrient Herbal extract. This system naturally supported the environment too.

In the same manner, when plants absorb the chemical concentrate, the characteristic of the entire plant changes and the plant shows its inability to resist. These give way to atmospheric changes where many unknown diseases occur.

The same procedure takes place between 2 branches of medicine, i e allopathic and ayurveda. In allopathic, high chemical concentrate is injected into the body for immediate relief and result but face side effects later where as in ayurveda (Herbal treatment), cure is slow and mild but permanent with no side effects.

Today, man is a fast moving tool. Due to economical changes, he has neither the time nor the foresight to guide himself and his future generation.

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