This herbal oil is combination of 41 rare herbs prepared according to Ayurvedic formula. 

It cure Spondylitis, Muscular pains, Ache, Sprain, Bruise  & Blood Rheumatism


 Warm the oil & Massage the body after 2 hours take hot water bath  
 This is the only oil under SIDHA preparation  to relieve Varicose and very effective for Arthritis, Swelling & Joint pains 


Wash the affected area with hot water & dry. Take oil, warm it & apply the affected area, massage for 5 min. Expose in Sunlight for 20 Min, take hot water wash after 1 hour. Keep the affected area under warm covering. This course has to be continued 30 to 90 days.
It is an Ayurvedic preparation to Prevent Dandruff, Scalp infections,  Hair fall &  Premature greying. 


Apply over scalp, massage take bath after 30 min. Don't use soaps or chemical shampoos 
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