This bio organic fertilizer is cultivated with 100% plant origin without adding human and animal waste .The media of this products are Mushroom-spent ,Coco Peat and Sugarcane spent. Apart from consisting these essential and high protein based products, 3 varieties of harmless, human friendly bacteria are administered which not only destroys the other

Anti- soil insects but also protect the plant in boosting its growth. The following bacteria are added to the media in the ratio of 23 million per kg

1. Bacillus sp

2. Cellulomonas sp

3 Asper gillus sp

These bacteria act as soldiers of the soil by destroying unwanted soil insects like termites, nematodes, leaf miners, caterpillars, ballrooms and red palm weevils.

 The fertilizer create strong plant root, very effective to extract Organic Matter from the soil

It stimulates /regulate feeding of the fertilizer according to the biological changes in the nature

It promotes greater root bio-mass to reduce the moisture utilization.

This fertilizer is highly beneficial for root development resulting in an increased plant production of flowers, vegetables and fruits.

It is a human friendly Bio- Fertilizer which supports the human body in preventing all sorts of diseases caused by chemical fertilizer.

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