PEAT MOSS - Sphagnum Peat Black

ECO - PEAT   (Black) 

BIO - ECO  PEAT  -  Bacteria Based, Soil Conditioner




Sphagnum Peat Moss is a 100% Organic, Eco friendly Soil conditioner with High water Retention capacity more than any other soil substitutes. It is 9 Million years old Pine Wood Bark Mine derived from Europe and Ukraine Province. It is generally recommended for outdoor plantation and landscaping because it is Weed less, Anti Nematodes and Termites. It never allows harmful bacteria to live because it contains Coal Immunity. It also contains Humic acid and NPK by Nature.


Peat Moss contains 85-90% Organic Matter , which helps to improve the physical properties of soil such as: -

Moisture holding capacity
Moisture permeability
Hygroscopic property
Fractional void volume
Inter-Grain air space

Peat Moss has a unique moisture holding capacity with the ability to absorb and retain large amount of water not letting it into sub soil waters. (2days outdoor and 5 days indoor)

Peat Moss which has high permeability i.e. ability to receive and infiltrate under the influence of gravity force will allow the peat to instantaneously intake water which crop will subsequently use.

Peat Moss has the highest hygroscopic property i.e. to absorb large amount of water from atmospheric vapours, which is also indispensable for feeding plants.

The permeability and hygroscopic property of Peat Moss will reduce more than twice the water needed for irrigation .

Peat Moss with high organic content can form a soil structure necessary for plants, all the more in the conditions of desert.

Soils structure particularly its fractional void volume or inter-grain airspace plays a most important role in the water air regime of soil. Sands have a fractional void volume of 30-40%, which make it very difficult to penetrate for plant roots.

Peat Moss will increase the air content of soil contained in the part of pores not occupied by water. Soil air is the oxygen source for the plant root system and aerobic microorganisms. When the soil air is low, the root system dies.

Our Peat Moss has two major qualities, which make it uniquely different from other Peat. It's high moisture holding capacity allow to give the plant the necessary quantity of water and its optimal fractional void volume , to supply the roots with the needed amount of Oxygen.

Our Peat Moss is an ideal organic media recommended for Landscaping, Horticulture, flowering plants, vegetables, Mangoes, Coconuts, and Date Palms in the desert region for dry-land agriculture

Packing 300 Ltr, 400 Ltr Bag

ECO - PEAT  (Black) - 9 Million Years Old Soil Conditioner 

Eco Peat Black is a 100% Organic, Eco friendly Soil conditioner coming from Europe & Russia,  9 million years old derived from Pine Wood Bark. It is good for Landscaping because it is Weed Less & Anti Nematodes. It never allows harmful bacteria to live in soil & protect the root system because its contains Coal Immunity like Humic Acid & NPK by nature. This Eco Peat is a raw material generally used to make Black Peat Moss, Potting soil etc.

Eco Peat black has moisture holding capacity, Hygroscopic property & it contains high organic contents.


Eco Peat Black have 2 qualities. 

      1. Eco Peat
      2. Bio Eco Peat - 70% water saver
BIO -  ECO PEAT - Odorless, Water Saver, Soil Conditioner with  Bacteria 
First time we are introducing  Bio Eco Peat adding human friendly bacteria to Eco Peat with different  action   

1. AZOTOBACTER - CHROOCOCCUM it enter in to the plant & take atmospheric Nitrogen & fix it to the plant.

2. BACILLUS - MEGATERIUM  it enter to the plant root extract phosphate from soil & solublizing with plant

3. FRATEURIA - AURENTIA it enter to the plant root extract to potash from soil & mobilizing to the plant

All the above bacteria destroy the soil bacteria where the soil is free from Nematodes &  Termites

The Bio Eco peat is mixer of Eco Peat,  Mushroom, Sugar cane Spent, Coco Peat & 3 Bacteria

It is ideal for Desert landscaping because it hold water for 3 to 5 days & save 70% water usage.

The 3 Bacteria acts three ways where the damaged roots are rectified & extract and fix the NPK for its own 

survival. The usage of this material further requirements of fertilizer will be reduced & 3 years bacteria

 maintains the plants & get a higher yield.

Using this Bio Eco peat, the surrounding soil will get cleaned. It is free from air, water & soil born diseases.

It is economically cheap and ready to use. 

We are the inventors of this products & Selling the peat moss price

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Packing  300 Ltrs & Bulk. 

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