In the modern era scientists and government institutions are trying to look for environmental clean fertilizer / pesticides for enriching the nature. But resources for the same are very limited whatever sources available are not sufficient to meet the demand of the country. In the circumstances Shalimar International is introducing a neem based herbal fertilizer and pesticides to the UAE.

This is the only environmental free fertilizer, the use of which will purify the atmospheric air destroying the unwanted germs and bacteria. As the neem herbal fertilizer has insecticides effect it kills all soil insects and nematodes surrounding the root system of the plant. This fertilizer can be used as an atmospheric cleanser in crowded places, where the air polluted with germs and is a fertile media for diseases.

Neem herbal fertilizer is processed from the neem seeds. It contains major plant nutrients such as: -

Nitrogen 7 8%

Phosphorus 3 4%

Potassium 3 4%

It also acts as a soil conditioner improving aeration and moisture holding capacity of the soil. It adds organic matter content to the soil when used in the garden and lawn. Nutrients found in the neem herbal fertilizer are in the organic form and are released slowly over a long period of time. Major nutrients (NPK) available in the neem herbal fertilizer become available to the roots of the plants as need by the plant.

Packing 25 Kg., 10 Kg, 24 Pounds & 12 Pounds
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