MITIGATOR (100% Herbal Mite Control)




Mitigator is a combination of extracts from several herbs that displays anti-mite properties against many species of mites.

Features of Mitigator

•  Eco-friendly broad spectrum anti-mite properties against many species like Red spider mite, Scarlet mite, Purple mite, wo spotted mite etc.

•  Breaks the tolerance and resistance limits of mites to survive.

•  No residual toxicity, so can be used until even beforeharvest, No phytotoxicity.

•  Affects the reproductive system of miteswhich prevents further population build up of mites.


Ingredients: Acorus calamus, Leuca scephalotes, Piper nigrum, Plumbago zeylanica

Method of Application:

•  It can applied using power or knapsack sprayer

•  For best results, it should be sprayed either before or at the first sight of mites.

•  Spray should be done on both sides of the leaves.



Spray Mitigator 15 to 20 ml/lit of water.

 Packing 100ml, 1000ml & bulk.
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