MICRO LEAF FERTILIZER   (Formula 99 Crop Booster) 


  • Micro Leaf Fertilizer is an insurance against Nutrient deficiencies
  • Micro Leaf Fertilizer is extra plant food for higher yields.
  • Micro Leaf Fertilizer is chelated solid complex fertilizer especially formulated for foliar application through Leaf to Plant injection.

It has long been known that plant absorb nutrients not only through the root but also through the leaves. This know-how developed by a US Technology center to create foliar fertilizer applied to the leaf which is absorbed by the plant under Photosynthesis Process. This fertilizer contains NPK with TE ( Micro Nutrients)

This fact is of practical relevance where the nutrient absorption capacity has been reduced by such factors as:.

•  A nutrient deficiency in soil. •  Root damage caused by agricultural implements.
•  Frost and Rodents. •  Water logged soils. •  Poor soil ventilation. •  Drought.
•  Alteration of pH conditions in the soil by using heavy chemical fertilizers.


All nutrients are interdependent upon one another. Consequently it is important to have a well balanced nutrient program for maximum production. Plants weakened by nutrient deficiencies or starvation' can be injured much more readily by adverse growing Weather, fungus diseases and insect damage. Visual symptoms of deficiencies are difficult to interpret under field conditions. For this reason, Micro Leaf Fertilizer is recommended for balanced fertilization to correct the major as well as minor nutrient deficiencies in a balanced way for different crops.


  • Micro Leaf Fertilizer has unlimited shelf life in glass or high-density polyethylene containers.
  • It is compatible with most fungicides, pesticides, insecticides, with the exception to highly alkaline mixture.
  • Micro Leaf Fertilizer is non-toxic when used according to the directions.
  • Micro Leaf Fertilizer is stimulated plant recovery from stress conditions.
  • Micro Leaf Fertilizer will aid crop yield and quality.

It is applicable on Grass, Gardens, Vegetable & Fruit trees.

Direction: 10 grams of Micro Leaf Fertilizer is dissolved in 1 Liter of water and sprayed on leaves before sunrise or after sunset every 14 days until the crop is matured. The spraying may be continued up to the time of blooming. After spraying, plants should be exposed to direct sunlight. Profuse flowering and seed formation can be noticed immediately after 7-14 days of spraying.

Packing 100 Grms, 1 KG


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