IN  BIOTECHNOLOGY - AGRICULTURE



  Location  : 640.  Dubai Investment Park (90,000 Sq. Fts)
  Capital Investments  : Building                       12 Million Dhs 
      Bio Research Center     1 Million Dhs                  
      Machinery                      5 Million Dhs
      Working Capital           10 Million Dhs                                                       


Training in


supply to 800 flower shops 27 landscaping co and Royal palaces

Bio-Technology -in Agriculture

  Production while Training : VEGETARIAN- Bio-Organic Fertilizers & Herbal Pesticide, like:-
      Sona Bio Fertilizers-(Azotobacter & Tricoram - New Introduction)
      Farmers Bio Fertilizer
      Bio Coco Peat - for Plants, Poultry & Dairy -for control diseases
      Potting Soil - In Door Plants
      Peat Moss - Out Door Plants
      Vegetarian Bio- Compost - Plant Origin Bio Compost 
      Bio Vita - with Vitamin B & C + Seaweed  LIQUID FERTILIZER
      Neem Herbal Fertilizer - Anti Bacterial Fertilizer
      Neem Guard - Anti Weevil Herbal Pesticide
      Spider Guard - Eradication of Spider
  Research : Grow- Rice, Sugarcane, Onion,Banana,Spices and Pulses
  Training : 100 National Boys and Girls are Trained in Bio-technology at free of cost every year
  Production  : The production Produced by Training will sold to the Govt. Dept.
      and others-no profit no loss basis
  Starting period


started on 22 NOV 2009

Special Features


70% Water Saver. No human waste No animal waste used
      Extract atmospheric Nitrogen from Air and fix to the plant.
      Protect the Plant from Soil borne, Air borne & Water borne
      Enrich the sandy soil suitable for Desert Greeneries.
      Better atmospheric changes will take place in future course
      100% Environmental friendly.


Mr. RC.00971 50 6571467 Tel: 04 2239474, Fax: 00971 4 2239471


  All the above products are manufactured from Plant Origin. Known as  VEGETARIAN FERTILIZER with out Cow Manure or Chicken Manure . These Plant Origin Fertilizers have a great demand all over Middle East.  All Landscaping projects require 50% of Soil substitutes, which are imported from European countries. now producing in UAE---The Products are 70 % water saver eco frindly no smell, anti bacterial, vegetarian products suitable for comon man

More Details of Bio Technology Click here


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