"India International Trade center in Dubai promoted under India’s export promotion program by a group of NRI’s to create export facilities for Indian manufacturer, traders & exporters without a middlemen. It is highly appreciable for UAE & GCC traders to get best Indian products at cheaper rate in Dubai with out opening L.c.’s & other formalities.
The statistical analysis shows that 30 to 40% of the total export of India is to Gulf Country but in our analytical survey, we found that all most all the Indian products available in the Gulf Counties are 30 to 40% higher then the actual cost because of the following reasons.
  1. In all the trade transactions there will be an involvement of more than two or three middle men/brokers either in India or in the importing country. The profit percentage consumed by the brokers is often higher than the profit share of the actual investor/importer. The involvement of the mediators/brokers is the main reason for the price increase of the products in the end consumer market.
  1. The traders/importers are quite afraid to deal with most of the Indian suppliers due to many reasons, such as: delay in supply, non-compliance to the agreed terms and conditions, supply of inferior quality, product sample & export quality variations.
  1. India is the second largest country in population, so naturally the manufacturing/production sector also bigger than other countries. Almost all the Indian manufacturers/producers are capable up to a certain extent to market their products in domestic market, and so they are not so keen in exporting their products except some middle and large-scale companies.
  1. After the export liberalization policy of Indian government, the total export of India has increased to more than seven fold comparing to the figures of 1991. On the light of the innovative move of the Indian government to give manufacturing licenses in India to many major world known names really threatened the survival and existence of Indian manufacturers and their business in Indian market.

Both these facts: (1) booming of exports from India and (2) presence of world renowned names in Indian market has literally forced Indian manufacturers to improve their product quality to International standard in order to survive in their business.

In view of the above situation we are planning to implement a new concept in the Middle East market in the name of "India International Trade Center". IITC will associate with 1000 selected major Indian business houses where 250 Indian Companies are given free Showroom, free Trade License, free Warehouse,, free Visa & free Insurance having their interest with proven track record in foodstuff, spices, pulses, rice, textiles, garments, handloom and handicrafts, coir products, paints, building materials, household articles, steel and wooden furniture, office and school stationeries, minerals, granites & marbles, PVC & plastic products, paper products, flexible packaging, detergent and cleaning materials, leather goods, electrical and electronic consumer durable, industrial equipments and power tools, electrical and non-electrical hand tools, artificial jewelry & gold, etc.

IITC will construct a 3,000,000-sq.ft area with 300,000-sq.ft show room where the 250 companies are accommodated & 1,000,000 sq.ft as warehouse. All these 250 companies will have to deposit US$ 10,000 (Rs.5, 00,000) as security deposit in India into the account of IITC. In case any of the company wishes to discontinue, IITC Dubai will pay the security deposit back without interest with in 1 year. The total collected amount will be put into a fixed deposit in Reserve Bank of India or any of the nationalized banks. Besides, 1000 companies will be given product display facility in the IITC general hall for an annual fee of USD 100.

IITC Dubai will provide one visa free to all the 250 companies to represent their counters, and their company will pay their salary.

All the material sold by IITC Dubai will be remitted to the export company in India deducting 5% IITC commission.

IITC expects a minimum Turnover of Dhs. 125 million per month (500,000 X 250) therefore net turnover would be Dhs. 1.5 billion annually.
The NRI group has to obtain necessary permission from Dubai Govt. to implement this venture in the name of "India International Trade center"(IITC). Necessary staff will be appointed at their own cost. The total capital investment for the trade center(3,000,000 sq.ft) will be about Dhs. 150 million.
In the capacity of conceivers and promoters it will be the sole responsibility to identify 250 participants & 1000 exhibitors. The promoter will obtain necessary permissions and licenses from concerned authority.
IITC will open 4 regional offices (Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta & Madras) in India. The selection will be done through 19-export promotion council of India with the guidance of Ministry of Commerce-Govt. of India.


Tel 04 2239474 Fax 00971 4 2239471
Economical Viability & Technical Feasibility
After completion of IITC Dubai, promoters are planning to start IITC in Tanzania, Canada, Jordan & Singapore.

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