Adds power for men
HPM is aunique combination of proven herbs with essential vitamins, aminoacides & Zinc.

Potent formula for sexual performance

HPM Contains standardized herbs and vitamins, which helps to enhance the male sexual performance, erectile dysfunction, increases the level of energy and improves stamina.

Because of the complexity to today's world, everyone at one time or other experiences stress. Stress can cause health conditions such as fatigue, backache, pancreatic disease, impotence and male sexual dysfunction.

HPM formula helps to reduce physical, emotional and mental stress. It also stimulates the circulation of oxygen, which in turn stimulates the nerves adding strength and stamina to the well being of the man


  • Stimulates sexual desire in men.
  • increase sperm count, sperm motility & duration of intercourse time.
  • controls premature ejaculations, nocturnal emissions, erectile dysfunction & other sexual relates problems.
  • Relieves fatigue, joint & body pain.
  • Restores the lost vigour & vitality to lead a healthy and enjoyable life. 
1 capsule daily with warm milk 1 hour before or after Dinner.
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