Combination :
Out of the hundreds of herbs available, two herbs were selected. Such carefully selected herbs are 60% Garcinia Combojia and 40% camellia Synensis, which is the main ingredient of Garcinia combojia, has been approved for reducing the fat.


Preparation :
Take one big spoon full of Bio-Slimming Tea and boil it in hot water for seven minutes. As you start getting the pleasant aroma of the drink take it out of the stove and strain it in to a cup. One cup of tea is ready. Sip it leisurely. A squeeze of lime could be added to make it more palatable. Do not keep the tea for long after preparation.


Dosage :
One cup in the morning and one in the night. This tea should be taken at least 30 minutes before the meals. There is no restriction in the food. It is always better not to over eat. The treatment should be continued at least for 3 months continuously.


Treatment of Choice :
Since this is the natural treatment it goes well with the system. Hence there are no side effects at all. This could be taken as your regular tea, but with a definite purpose.


Blood Pressure Tea :
Essential components of BP tea are the two herbs, 60% Rauvolfia Serpentina and 40% Camellia Synenses. This carefully blended combination is approved for maintaining the blood pressure.


To control the BP in the system please check your pressure level before use. The active ingredient contained is proven for the control of blood pressure.


Duration :
The BP tea is to be used for at least one month and it should be continued according to the need.


Dosage :
One cup of BP Tea in the morning and one cup in the night before food is the recommended dosage. Accordingly the level of the pressure could be reduced to one time daily.


Preparation :
One Teaspoonful (approx. 2gr) BP tea should be boiled for about 5 minutes and the essence filtered may be consumed.


Regular :
This could be consumed as your regular tea. A little sugar could be added for taste.


Composition :
Diabetic Free Tea is a combination of herbs prescribed in Siddha therapy viz. 60% Gymnema Sylvestre and 40% Camellia Synensis.


Direction for use :
Brew one teaspoonful (Approx. 2gm) of Diabetic Free Tea for seven minutes. Strain into a cup. Dia-tea is ready for consumption. A little milk or a few drops of lime could be added for taste. No sugar to be added. If the blood sugar level is above 200 mg. Diabetic Free Tea could be taken 2 3 cups per day one hour after the meal. Diabetic Free Tea should be continued for at least 90 days.


Diabetic Free Tea is a general health drink. Dia-Tea also can be swallowed with warm water.




Composition :
60% Bacopa and 40% Camellia Synensis. Blended in the right proportion to make the beverage palatable and the combination is proved to be most effective in the process of treatment.


Clinical Indications :
1. Smruthi-Prada proved to increase memory power and
2. Buddhi / Medha increases intelligence.


Treatment Plan :
One cup of Memory Plus Tea taken in the morning and one cup at night proves to be of great help in the treatment of memory and intelligence.


Properties :
This wonderful combination of tea is used to give great strength to the brain and memory power. Provides alertness to body and improves the sharpness of reflexes. Helps to improve the ability to think and capacity to increase the brainpower. The active ingredient Brahmi gurtham' helps to improve memory power and increase intelligence.


Advantage :
These tested herbs will have no side effects and men, women and children can take this as their trusted way of treating their memory power.

  Preparation :
Take one teaspoon (approx. 2 Gr.) of memory Plus Tea and boil in hot water for 5 minutes. Filter the essence and drink it.
  Taste :
For better taste of Memory plus Tea, a spoon of sugar or honey could be added. The best way is to take it in hot water.
  Combination :
Roots of two herbs 60% Withania Somnifera and leaves of 40% Camellia Synensis are blended in correct proportion in order to obtain maximum result.


Purpose :
The root of the herb, Withania Somnifera is known for properties like reducing the nervous weakness and giving good strength to the body. It beautifies the body also. It removes excessive heat from the body. Improves the muscle strength and good sleep and longevity of life. It helps to lead a better sex life by giving strength at any age.

Preparation :

Take one spoon of IQ plus Vigour Tea and boil in full cup (approx. 200 ml) of milk (preferable cows' milk) for about 6 minutes. Strain in to a cup. Add sugar to your taste and drink. Instead of sugar, honey could be used.


One cup in the morning and one cup in the night after meals. The treatment could be continued as along as it is required.

Advantage :

IQ plus Vigour tea is beneficial for men and women. The result is good for people of both sexes.

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