FARMER'S      (Organic  Bio - Fertilizer )    For Organic Farming



50 Ltrs.

Farmer's - The first 100% Plant Origin Organic Bio-Fertilizer in UAE without adding human or animal waste . This fertilizer contains 85-90% of organic matters which help to improve precious. properties of sandy soil as :--

Anti bacteria control in Air & Soil
Odorless in character.

Save Water utility.70 %

Hygroscopic property
Moisture holding capacity
Moisture permeability
Inter-grain air space
Fractional void volume
Increase in organic content of the soil


The product manufactured from   Mushroom, Soya, Sugarcane Spent, Neem, Coco-Peat, Sphagnum-Peat, Lemon Grass Spent & Micro Nutrients. ++.

Mushroom : 85-90% contents of protein and boosting the plant in its growth.

Soya : It contain fibre with 46% of proteins which create a special effect to by-product of the plant, flowers/ fruits. It makes strong stems and deep colours for the leaves and flowers.

Sugar cane spent : It contains Glucose which is a plant food and supporting easy growth

Neem cake : It is an antibiotic of plant origin fertilizer destroying all unwanted bacteria. This fertilizer enrich the soil to maximum extent. It contains  NPK (N-3%  P-0.69%  K-1.25%) by nature.

Coco-Peat : It is a coconut by-product having highest water holding capacity and protect from direct sunlight for the plant. This product save  the water utility for the end users. Each cell of the coco peat hold the water and fertilizer and slow release the plant as and when it requires.

Sphagnum-Peat: It is a term-less mine with high organic matter and 100% plant Origin. This mine contains 10-12% of carbon and Humid Acid by nature which never allows bacteria to live in the soil.

Lemon grass spent : 100% plant origin , anti bacteria and create atmosphere cleanliness.

Micro nutrients : (mg, fe, zn, cu, mn, mo, b) +NPK with Vitamin B, C & seaweed. It regulates the deficiency of the plant nutrients.

This Fertilizer is recommended for the lawns, flowering plants, vegetables, fruit plants, Coconut, Mango, Lemon and Date Palms. This fertilizer can also be used for landscaping and golf clubs. The product is designed for desert Greenery  with replacement of animal And human waste. Farmer's Organic  fertilizer is Low cost in pricing and suitable for all.

   This special product is produced for ROYAL PALACES ,GOLF CLUBSPUBLIC PARKS & Organic Farming

    Packing in 50 liters. 20 Ltrs, standard.      On request   Bulk in tons can supply

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