BIO VITA : Added Plants Keep in study Room, Executives Room, class room, sleeping room, where It create More Oxygen+                  

Increase IQ !!! Positive Thoughts !!!  Less quarrels !!! Happy Environment !!! Creative Intelligence !!! Good sleep

 ### Our Research Reveals that  Husband and Wife Quarrelling will Reduce , while keeping Bio-vita added plant in their living Room ###


           It Create More Oxygen in Atmosphere


Phyto-Plankton,  Humic acid, Amino acid, Folic acid, L-Cysteine,   Vitamin C, B1, B2, B12, D3, E, K + Seaweed

 First time in the history of Biotechnology, Manufacturing an Environment-Supporting Bio-Liquid Fertilizer from Phytoplankton - The first Living Organism in Sea Life where Amoeba was born centuries ago.  

Phytoplankton A living Organism Creating Oxygen from Carbon Dioxide through Photosynthesis, they are responsible for much of the Oxygen present in the Earth's Atmosphere,  half of the total amount produced by all Plant life. It is high technology involved process, where Bio-Vita production starts depending upon the Lunar Cycle. (The production starts after 3rd day of the Black -Moon)

Bio-Vita means Vitamins from Nature. Bio-Vita is a Foliar Spray (Liquid Fertilizer) which is up to 21 times more effective to supply Nutrients to the Plant when the soil is in poor quality and roots are stressed or suffered from extreme heat and drought conditions and when roots are infected with soil Bacteria.

Bio-vita can be termed as a Plant Booster for the plant as all the required nourishments are provided externally. The plant absorbs Bio-Vita through its leaf, stem and roots by the process of photosynthesis and stimulates Physiological activities in Plants. Bio-Vita absorbs Carbon Dioxide and creates Oxygen in the atmosphere supporting the Environment.

Bio-vita is a nourishing Plant Tonic formed from useful Bio-Ingredients, which are necessary for growth of crops in proportionate quantity. Bio-vita is an Organic Herbal concentrate made out of Phytoplankton, Glucose, Multivitamins, L-Cysteine, Amino and Humic acid, Niacin, Folic acid processed with seaweed.

Seaweed Fertilizers provide a treasure of nutrients and other organic compounds to the plant and acts as an Organic growth regulator                    feeding the plant as and when it requires. Seaweed extract products can improve plant growth, vigor and yields because it contains plant nutrients and microelements.

Specialty for this product is it contains stimulatory and anti-biotic elements. The application of Bio-Vita results in higher resistance to fungal, bacterial and insect attack.

Bio-vita stimulates physiological activities in plants and accelerates production of Cytokine in the root zone of plant. The growth of plant is enhanced. Also L-Cysteine stops flower drop and fruit bearing is increased. The quality of crop is improved because of the addition of vitamins.


Bio-vita is useful for Leaf size enlargement and Berry bearing development. For nourishment of plants the available nutrients from soil and hormones constitute the Elements. Among them, the balanced nutrients are contained in Bio-vita. As a result, the vegetative growth increases and plants grow fully. The plants are benefited with more yields, long life, and withstand natural calamity.

Highly recommended for Residential villas, flats, Hospitals, schools especially for Indoor/Outdoor plants including Fruits, Vegetable Production, Landscaping, Golf Clubs, and Public Gardens.

It is The Best for Organic Farming and Desert Greeneries.

Application: Spray Bio-vita -10 ml/ lit of water for every 14 days. 3 times (1 Ltr for 100 Ltrs water) For Drip Irrigation, add 1Ltr Bio-vita for 1000 Ltrs of water.

Spraying should be done- before sunrise or after sunset.

Price designed suitable for common man  

Packing: 1000ml, 250ml, 100ml.  ask free sample.

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