No Human waste, No animal waste,




VEGETARIAN BIO-ORGANIC COMPOST ( Vegetarian-Plant Origin, 70% water saver with  3 Bacteria )


The first time in the history of Agriculture, A Bio-Organic Vegetarian Compost is introduced by Shalimar Bio-Tech, Dubai.

Traditionally Compost is derived from cow manure, sheep manure and chicken manure. Farmers depended heavily on compost for their agricultural purposes as it was considered a natures gift. Apart from soil, compost was the only alternative added to soil to increase the soil fertility and yield.


In the past, animals were self fed from nature grass and their manure was considered to be an excellent media for agriculture. But times have changed and population has increased many folds, agricultural land was reduced and ground water level decreased. In these circumstances, agriculture products could not compete in the market due to high cost of production.


In recent years, animals are artificially fed with advanced steroid added foods for hybrid qualities and higher yield of animal products. Their manure naturally had contents of steroid, which was used for agriculture. The steroid contents reach the end products of plants and when humans consume these products, the vital organs of the body like Liver, Heart and Kidneys are affected. Unknown diseases are arising due to various chemical contents in the body.


Many advanced  countries have totally banned animal manure and are encouraging the usage of Plant Origin Bio-fertilizers ( bacteria based fertilizers )


our recent survey   reveled  that  the  usage of human  waste  compost  causes  the  multiplication of E-Coli Bacteria which enters the soil and causes skin diseases. the usage of animal manure increase the steroid contained in the plant products and when the human consumes the plant products the liver and kidney are effected.


To add this, recent out break of Bird Flue has left thousands and thousands of birds to be killed. 

This also transformed to compost, which is coming through different medias from overseas


Researchers have found a special organic Bio-Compost which is 100% Plant Origin without human waste/animal waste.


The contents are very specially formulated, each ingredients exhibiting its own characteristic to make the product called Bio-Compost- first of its kind in the history of fertilizers.


The Vegetarian Bio-compost made out of :


NEEM   anti virus & nature-made NPK.
PONGA CAKE anti biotic, anti virus.
MUSHROOM high protein.
SUGARCANE SPENT plant glucose
CASTORS CAKE anti-worms.
COCO -PEAT water saver, aeration, antibacterial, long retention of organic matter and bring more rain
PEAT-MOSS humic acid
MICRO NUTRIENT deficiency-regulator



The Bio-Compost contains :


Azotobacter nitrogen extract from air and fix to the plant
Bacillus Megaterium Phosphate solubilizing from soil and fix to plant
Farteuria  Aurentia  Potash Mobilizes from soil and fix to plant



Generally, this product is used for organic food producers, Royal Gardens, Government Departments and public gardens,  persons who are conscious of their health and family.     


Specialty of this product:-The  Bacteria's are developed in cow milk- curd (lessy) Mushroom Spent and Sugarcane spent added with special Herbal Extract  with curd  create AZOTO BACTER BACTERIA to multiply.

this Bacteria is added to  BIO-COMPOST.  These Bacteria enter the plant and reach up to the leaves and extract the atmosphere Nitrogen and fix it in Plants for its multiplication where the plants get free Nitrogen from atmosphere for its growth and show better greenery.





Grass/Ground Cover 50 Ltrs for 100 Sq/ft
Shrubs 25 Ltrs for 10 Sq/ft
Trees  25 Ltrs per tree (for 3 years)
Palm Trees/Coconut   50 Ltrs per tree (for 3 years)


This is the only natural product - plant origin, without having any chemical substitutes, acting as a soil conditioner. It is economically cheaper, ready to use, excellent medium for hydroponics growing, seed sowing, potting mixes, commercial floriculture, flower beds, commercial horticulture, landscaping, soil reconditioning, golf courses, mulching, nursery, gauge panting and potted plants. 


Bio - Compost is much cheaper than Municipal compost. It works Wonders in Desert Greeneries. No human diseases and no viral attacks - Providing a happy environment for the inhabitants for a happy family life.


More Details contact Shalimar Bio-Tech, Dubai Tel : 00971 4 2239474   / 04 8858064

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