History of Ayurveda

Ayurveda-the knowledge of life and longevity, an ancient Indian Medical Science Practiced for more than 5000 years from vedas provides proven solutions to innumerable ailments. Ayurveda defines the harmonious blending of the individual body, mind, spirit and the cosmos. Ayurvedic practices restore the balance and harmony of the individual, resulting in self-healing, good health and longevity. The essence of Ayurveda is incorporating proven methods to one's life style for a better and healthy living.  


According to Ayurveda, the root cause of all diseases is the imbalance of three elements-vata, pitta and kapha caused by toxic substances formed in the body due to our sedentary habits. Ayurvedic treatment aims at liquefying and eliminating these toxic substances from the body.

Ayur means life and Veda means knowledge. So Ayurveda means the knowledge of life science.

Ayurveda is derived from the most cherished scriptures known as vedas. They are Rig veda,  sama veda,    Yajur veda,      and       Atharvana veda.

During 500-600 BC, Agastya, Charaka, Sushrutha, Kashayapa, the Gretest Philosophers churned from the vedas the references to all illness, diseases, drug-medicines and compiled the Samhitas. It is from this Samhitas that the physician later absorbed the knowledge of Ayurveda and applied them for curing illnesses. Ayurveda is not only the ancient Indian science of preventive health and healing but also a philosophy of living.

Philosophy of  Ayurveda

Ayurveda removes the cause of disease and re-establishes balance to our system. According to Ayurveda, we are composed of 3 bodies- Physical, Astral, Causal ie Body, Mind and Soul.

According to vedas, the entire body is totally renewed every 7 years. manifestation is essentially endowed with change. It is erroneous and burdensome to attempt to maintain a perfect body, perfect life and perfect health for the demands of vital force from life. (Human life and plant life related to MOON )

Ayurveda the pursuit of balance. A life of balance has no extremes, very little fragmentation. The care of Ayurvedic science of health is based on our inborn constitution.


Ayurveda recognises the 5 physical elements, which are part of everything. Each object is different because it possesses the elements in varying ratios in comparison to other objects. The 5 elements earth, water,  fire, wind , ether are called Pancha Boothas- the 5 great elements from nature.

According to Ayurveda, the creation of cosmos is by the combination of Prana(energy), and Ether( matter called Akasha) created movement for energy needs and matter for physical action to occur. The friction of wind against matter caused fire. The fire heated some of the matter particles to the point of melting (liquefaction) and thereby caused water to flow.

The combination of water with matter formed solidification that later resulted as earth- thus the cosmos was fully formed. The process of creation appears each time a baby is born. This is termed as the wheel of creation.


Panchakarma is a group of treatment coming under elimination therapy.


1st Type                                                             2nd Type

Vamana       (vomitting)                                  Vamana  (vomitting)

Virechna      (purgation)                                  Virechna (purgation)

Aasthapana (enemata)                                   Vasthi     (enemata)

Anuvaasna  (enemata with oil)                      Nasyam  (inhalation)

Nasyam       (inhalation of drugs)                   Rakthamoksham  (blood letting)



Continued practice of the most scientific and systematic methods of elimination therapy of physicians of Kerala during the past many centuries has led them to develop a few new methods of treatment. These methods are widely being practised all over the state with promising results in various ailments.



This is a remedy for minor aches of the body and many people subject to this treatment though do not have any apparent disease, since it gives a healthy feeling. Pizhichal process must be causing vasodilatation at the same time toning up of muscles. It is liberally administered in vata conditions like Hemiphlegia.



Dhara is a process where medicated preparations like oils, buttermilk etc are made to flow in a thin stream over different areas usually the head and forehead. Often Dhara is done alone or combined with Pizhichal.



Kizhis are bundles prepared out of various materials tied in a piece of cloth. Different types of materials like leaves, powders etc are used in vata conditions.



Navara is a particular kind of rice which is boiled with water or even decoction and is tied in a piece of cloth and is applied to the body preferably after smearing the body with appropriate oils. Where there is muscle wasting or not developed properly, Navarakizhi is administered and is specially indicated in post polio paralysis. Given internally, Navara is believed to nourish the individual.


Paschad karma

After the elimination therapy, the patient will take some time to come back to normalcy. During this period of convalescence, the patients diet as well as daily life style will breed certain regulations. This regulations and medications is called Paschad karma ie Post treatment exercise.




Unani is a unique traditional herbal treatment passing on from generation to generation in a patriarchal order. Originated from Greece , the Mogul rulers encouraged and spread this branch of medicine in India . It flourished rapidly in North India, particularly in Uttar Pradesh and in the Deccan region which is Hyderabad . The persons who develop this unique treatment are called Hakim (Doctor).


According to Unani, the earth consists of 108 basic elements and the human body reserves 56-72 elements for the regular functioning of all organs. For a perfect health condition, all these elements are essential for the body. For any unsuitable element entering the body, there is a counter element to diminish the others effect. This is recognized by a professional Hakim and the disease is treated for. For instance, the Fish Treatment for ASTHMA - Hyderabad, has gained much recognition that people suffering from Asthma, assembles at the place on a particular day of the year.(June 6)The herbal mixture, inserted in the mouth of the live fish is pushed into the throat of the patient.  


The bone setting treatment at Puthoor, Andhra Pradesh, is another example of this. Traditional treatment doing past 300 years, mixture of herbal leaves which is tied to set the broken bones. Millions of people avail this facility.


Likewise, asthma treatment at Cochin , eye treatment of Kunnamkulam has also gained popularity. During harvest season, the farmers have a tough time with paddy stalks getting stuck on the eyeball and the eye becomes red and swollen with infection. Just a few drops of the extract of particular leaves, the paddy stalks gets off on its own. Also, the emergence of cataract affecting the eyes is cleared with the regular use of this extract.


Jaundice has an easy remedy by chewing the leaves of a particular plant for 3 days.


Leucoderma, the whitening of the skin, has a very effective treatment at Hyderabad , where a number of affected people are treated to regain their skin colour. Psoriasis, Eczema, Chickenpox, Kidney stone etc has all remedies in Unani.


Unani insist the preparation of Herbal medicine according to the lunar position ie Amavasi to Pournami. All plants & sea are based on the position of moon. The plant life is calculated at 14 days (Moon position changes every 14 days)


In short, Unani has no dearth of remedies. Every disease has a cure in Unani. The subject is vast and anybody interested to know more about it can mail to mail@shalimarherbals.com.     



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