NEEM GUARD     ( Eco friendly botanical herbal pesticide & insecticide )






Date Palm Weevil Detector 


NEEM, a traditional medicinal tree gifted by GOD 5000 years ago for the benefit of human kind. Neem is scientifically known as Azadirachta Indica". It has many medicinal, veterinary and agricultural uses. Neem is known as "Natures Pharmacy". It helps in controlling more than 300 pest species. Neem is the only tree where its leaves, seeds, bark and roots have pest control properties mainly known as 'Azadirachtin'. Neem not only eradicates pests but also possess anti-feedant, oviposition deterrent. Neem also prevents many human diseases 'like viral fever, chicken pox, Malaria, Diabetes, worms etc.

A recent survey of WHO reveals that due to usage of chemical pesticides, 25 million agricultural workers developed different kinds of illness ranging from liver-kidney-heart disorders, cancer and blindness of which 220,000 people died.



Under the close investigation by scientists and environmentalists, it is found that Neem has emerged as the most promising natural pesticide, replacing chemical Pesticides. USDA has clearly pointed out NEEM TREE as a solution to global agricultural problems.. Neem contains Azadirachtin along with Salannin, Nimbin, Nimbidin and Maliantriol that exhibits insect repellant, anti-feedant and insect growth regulator properties.



Neem Application are safe with pre harvest interval not exceeding 12 hours.



Neem Compounds are one of the best methods in Integrated Pest Management (IPM). It is safe for mankind, soft to beneficial insects, and environment friendly.



Neem is the only plant beneficial to mankind, supporting veterinary and agricultural causes.

Neem  destroys harmful insects and bacteria without damaging the population of friendly ones

NEEM GUARD (Spray)  This amazing herbal pesticide creation comes in 2 media:



1.   Neem Guard Non Oil Based (AzA) for flowers, indoor plants, ornamental plants etc



2.   Neem Guard oil based (OS) for Date palms, coconut, mango, lemon & grass etc.



It contains extracts of Garlic, Turmeric, lemon grass & Neem  oil etc. This product not only eradicates pest but also possesses anti-feedant oviposition deterrent. At present agricultural sector in the Middle East is controlling pests through chemical and poisonous pesticides which later cause health disorders to Human beings. Neem Guard is an excellent substitute for chemical pesticides. It prevents and controls


Mealy Bugs,  Botrytis,   Downy,  Powdery,   Mildew,   Rusts Phytothora,   Anthracnose,   White flies, 


Trips,  Leaf miners, Beetles, Aphids Borers, Caterpillars, Boll worms, White Ants, Read Palm Weevils,


Alternaia, spider,  Termites &  Nematodes, 



Neem Guard exhibits a strong drying and suffocating tendency that gives a strong contact fungicide effects when applied as a protect treatment where the disease is predominantly a surface infection such as Powdery Mildew, Curative activities is observed. It is an effective miticide, suffocating eggs and killing adults give fast knockdown of Mite species by contact the material is also repellant and mites avoid sprayed for several weeks until weather or plant growth results in new untreated tissue.


Research workers in Columbia University in New York identified in 1975 the presence of Azadirachtin, Nimbin, Salannin and numerous other compounds, which represent the pesticidal properties in NEEM.  


This feature of Neem helps to eradicate numerous species of pests.


Neem Guard  AzA, a non-oil base pesticide that can be advocated to the plant by spraying to safeguard from various species of insects. It is non-suffocative for the plant because it is non contents of oil and therefore excellent for Ornamental plants, domestic garden, Vegetables, Oil palms,  Greenhouse, Turf, Mushrooms, Tea, Paddy, Cotton fields, fruits, flowers and other plantation crops.


NEEM GUARD Features:  Multipronged effect, Insect growth regulator by disrupting growth, and moulting hormone production, Repellant and anti-feedant, No known resistance, No pest resurgence, Harmless to birds, mammals and beneficial such as bees and butterflies and insect natural enemies like predators and parasitoids.  


NEEM GUARD  (Anti Weevil Injection)

Date Palm Anti-Weevil Injection


Traditionally plant protection was conducted through Root Canning system. We recently  introduced  a new method  of Direct Plant Injection process which is first of its kind. This process is found highly effective and 100% eradicate the Red Palm Weevils from the Date Palms.

Process: 30 angle, a 10-mm hole above 3 ft. from the ground is made up to the pith of the Date Palm (center of the plant). Neem Guard AZA along with the Herbal mixture with sugar syrup is filled in a plastic bag. The tube of the plastic bag is inserted into the hole of the plant and seal it. The plant starts absorbing the sugar content/AZA Herbal solution. Having sugar syrup, the plant immediately starts absorbing within 24 hrs to 72 hrs, depending upon the tree condition.


The larvae drinking on the juice are contaminated with the Neem Guard. Instantly the larva dies and recycles in the plant. All in all, this process takes place within 24 hrs. The plant is recharged with its anti-biotic activities resisting against white flies, trips, leaf miners, beetles, aphids, borers, caterpillars, ball worms, white ants, Millie Bugs and Nematodes.


The administered injection remains very effective up to a period of 12 months and controls red palm weevils' up to a period of 1 year. The 42nd  to 60th  day period can witness the plant getting new leaves- that is the sign of action. In many places we found the dead palm regaining its life and no plant dies once the mixture is injected.


The price is very economically designed and the technical staff is provided free of cost.

 It is a 100% Eco- friendly, botanical, natural plant protection derived from 5000 years old formula, which is a treatment found in Vriksha Ayurveda (Herbal Treatment for Plants).

SAVE  !!!  DATE PALM -    Anti Weevil Protection through   NEEM GUARD - SPRAY


Recent survey reveal  Neem Guard spray for Date Palms will prevent the adult weevils entering the trunk of Date Palms for laying eggs. The contents of Neem Guard extract create a state of suffocation for female weevil where it becomes unbearable for them to breed in the Date Palms for a period of 6 to 9 months


In this context, adults will try to escape from the plant searching for new plants and better atmosphere for laying eggs and expanding their species  



NEEM GUARD Contents: Neem oil (AZA-30,000 ppm) Kalongi Oil, Garlic extract,    

Turmeric extracts, sugar syrup,  Hidno-corpus, vita B&C + Un disclosed herb  



The life cycle of the  Red Palm Weevils  as


                              Egg        to        Larva                         7 days 

                              Larva   to       Pupa                            14 Days

                              Pupa     to       Adult                           14 Days


Direction for use

1.liter NEEM GUARD to be mixed with 100 liters of water and sprayed  to prevent Weevil attack

Packing 1000ml & bulk. 
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